i'm ed and this is jackass. a chronicle of my chaotic stupid self and life.

libra sun/sagittarius rising + chaotic good + rainbow shaded green

i'm autistic my special interest is hxh! i've watched the 2011 anime like 4 times through, caught up with the manga, and have seen 1999. please talk to me about it!

i NEVER think before i speak and am really impulsive so lmk if i do anything out of line bc i won't know by myself. i'm severely mentally ill as well so i'm constantly improving myself!

i am an ace exclusionist so best not follow if u dont like me tweeting about that. i'm also really involved in politics and am really opinionated and unless ur a nazi/fascist im really tolerant. nazis get the block!

switchP + mika jougasakiP + chiakiP

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